Vanity Fair Magazine, June, 1921

Includes 'Male and Female' by Donald Ogden Stewart, 'The Cold Shower vs. the Opiate in Literature' by Montgomery Belgion, and 'Criticism and Contemporary Literature' by Hugh Walpole ; large quarto: 9.75 x 12.75

Title: Vanity Fair Magazine, June, 1921

Author Name: Donald Ogden Stewart, Montgomery Belgion, Hugh Walpole, V. A. Weaver, Geroge S. Chappell, Clare Kummer, et al.

Illustrator: Illustrated by William Bolins, Richard Boix, August Henkel, George Luks, Fish, Ethel Plummer, Prejelan, et al.

Categories: Vanity Fair,

Edition: First

Publisher: New York, Condé Nast & Company: 1921

Book Condition: Very Good

Seller ID: 2043